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The staff

All along their curriculum, our students can rely on our School’s administrative staff for their careful availability. Within our human-sized framework, a team of 15 skilled professionals coordinate teacher-student relationships and supervise contacts and exchanges with practitioners as well as partnerships with academic and cultural institutions in France and abroad.

Our team looks to guide their “Camondians” all the way through their student life and even more so in key moments such as when looking for internships or job opportunities, when contemplating studies abroad, course choices and scholarships or even when planning to apply to in-residence programmes or competitions.

école Camondo © Julien Lelievre

école Camondo © Julien Lelievre

Édith Chabre, administration et développement


Alexis Markovics,  Cursus cycle 1 et cycle 2.

Margaret Iragui-Lejeune, école Camondo ©J.Lelivevre

Margaret Iragui-Lejeune, école Camondo ©J.Lelivevre

Margaret Iragui,  cycle préparatoire. Chargée du développement international.

Cendrine de Susbielle, développement de la communication

école camondo ©B.Heller

école camondo ©B.Heller

Noele Zamant, bibliothécaire

Bertrand Ehrhart, documentaliste

Céline Leterre, scolarité

Elodie Roi, stages, emplois, communication

Fétima Krim, finances



Samir Bouchami, accueil et information

école Camondo ©DR

école Camondo ©DR

Jean-François Giraud, régisseur

Cheikhna Wagué, assistant régisseur

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